cell phone self-portrait

cell phone self-portrait
things are looking up

Monday, March 14, 2005

"My Problem is You"

Just listening to a little Jackson Browne:

I have no problem with this crooked world
I play the cards I drew
No problem with the changes life has hurled
My problem is you

The song is called "Waiting for You," actually --- if anybody's interesting in looking it up.

I have no problem telling right from wrong
the way some people do
I know exactly where these arms belong
my problem is you

waiting for you --- waiting here for you

I don't worry about the ozone layer
just let those rays come through
when I'm outside I keep my clothes on
my problem is you

I don't worry about Madonna
or the next thing she might do
I don't worry about your Mama
my problem is you

Okay --- after a few days off the blog, I'm back with a lot on my mind. I'm about to read an article from the Christian Science Monitor called "Teens Ready to Prove Text-Messaging Skills Can Score SAT Points." It should be interesting, and I'm hoping it will have some tidbits I can include in an article I'm working on about technology and writing here at OC Tech.

My tarot card for today: Queen of Wands, a lady in a yellow and red dress with cascading sleeves and pictures of the sun. She's got a great smile --- and dimples. Sunflowers in the background. Cool.


A woman of considerable energy
very active, very passionate
fond of nature, generous, and practical


Strict, domineering, jealous,
vengeful. A deceitful woman.
Passion overrules all other concerns
A tendency toward unfaithfulness.

Uh oh. :>)


Allen said...

i hope everything went well for youwith your appointments...the card sounds like a good one have a good day

Bridget Unnel said...

I'd go with card interpretation number one! The second one doesn't sound like someone I'd want over for dinner on Sunday.

Allen said...

actually we have triplets!!! you will be just fine...i can feel it...

Charlie Mc said...

Jackson Browne rocks! great blog!