cell phone self-portrait

cell phone self-portrait
things are looking up

Monday, February 22, 2010

I Waited for You Winter-Long


Thinking about all the waiting we do. We wait to say what's on our minds, we wait to open presents, wait on somebody to open the door for us, wait to hear from him or her, wait to see what happens, wait until tomorrow, wait before making a promise, wait downstairs or upstairs, wait every day by the mailbox, wait for another chance, wait hand-in-hand for the news, wait just in case, wait on kings, wait on losers, wait for the money, wait for the opportunity, wait for the party, wait for the question we know is coming, wait for reality to set in, wait for the sensation, wait for the truth to be revealed, for the ushering in of spring, for the welcome hug, for the yearly vacation, for the chance to take a snoozzzzzzzz.