cell phone self-portrait

cell phone self-portrait
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Monday, February 21, 2005

Seven of Wands

I'll stay on the tarot theme today and remark that yesterday was a blue day. I'm still not in the most hopeful mood, so maybe the 7 of Wands is an accurate card to describe my current situation.

Some possible readings:

success against obstacles
problems solved or turned aside

or alternately,

misgivings about an outcome
hestitancy causes a loss

I'm thinking of trying a strategy recommended on the Writing Center Mailing List by Margaret Carroll: drawing a picture of my internal editor, that voice that says "That's wrong, you can't write that, no one will understand, etc." According to Margaret, drawing seems to help her and her fellow tutors "be incredibly present, grounded, focused." Oh, to be any of those.

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Allen said...

focused????who is all the time...relax and think...it will come to you...i know walking in the woods helps me....the way to do things have come to me at the strangest times..you just have to trust your instincts and then act upon them....do u have a little voice that tells you what to do? trust it...